The Prophecy of the Eternity Roses

25.00 RON
  • Autor:Mara DUMITRU
  • Ilustrator:Andrei BARBU
  • Format:20 x 13
  • Numar pagini:88
  • Anul publicatiei:2016
  • Category:Cărți cu dedicație

Descrierea cărţii

The Prophecy of the Eternity Roses is the first volume of a fantasy series revolving around the mysterious lives of the Berry twins. These are two 15-year-old girls, one shy and a comic book fan and the other outspoken and popular, who get wrapped up in a magical adventure inspired by the Alice in Wonderland story. Their world is turned upside down when their aunt Alice comes to visit them and, instead of bringing her usual magical teapots as gifts, she gives them two eternity roses. Now the Berry sisters are forced to face the fact that their lives were not meant to be ordinary and that a prophecy could make them turn against each other. 

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